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  • Mackay Community Visitors Association is a non-profit volunteer organisation


MCVA has introduced some stringent infection control processes since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic in Australia.

All clients of MCVA are offered hand sanitizer on entry to the vehicles. This includes transport users and clients travelling with staff. Transport users are seated to the back of the vehicle in an attempt to prevent additional exposure to others who are boarding. All drivers handle cash with gloves and all wheelchairs and wheelie walkers are wiped with antibacterial spray, prior and after being placed in the vehicles. All seat belt buckles and door handles are wiped after each passenger exists the vehicles.  All vehicles are sprayed with antibacterial solution after the last user has exited the vehicle.

Where possible all passengers are seated away from each other in accordance with the social distancing rule.

All MCVA staff use hand sanitizer on arrival and departure to a client’s home and the social distancing rule is adhered to.

Clients are also given the option to be seated in the back of a worker’s vehicle, to adhere to the social distancing regulation. All outings have been limited to assisted shopping and accompaniment to medical appointments, except for those who are deemed highly isolated and it is recommended they get out, but the social distancing rule is applied. Some clients who have been deemed in the high risk demographic are receiving telephone calls to ensure they are remaining well and managing.

Our organisation has limited visits to the office by staff and clients and all who attend the office are requested to sanitize their hands.


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